Our prices include all airports fees and services offered on the different airports (land duty, passenger duty, one handling). They not include VAT taxes whose application depends on the statute of the customer (exonerated or not) or on the country where the services are perceived. Our prices are applicable for VFR flight, no supplement is requested in case of IFR flight. A supplement is perceived if the weather conditions did not allow a through flight.

  • Types of operated helicopters

    Price TWIN ENGINES concern helicopter type:
    - Dauphin AS 365 N1 twin engines - VIP - from 6 to 8 seats

    Price SINGLE ENGINE concern helicopters type:
    - Colibri EC120 single engine - VIP - from 3 to 4 seats
    - Squirrel AS350B3 single engine - VIP - from 4 to 5 seats

    SwiftCopters SA keeps the possibility to change whenever they want these types of operated helicopters list.

  • Cancellation for weather condition

    Current prices list concern helicopters flights that are only possible with good weather condition. For security reason, if the weather conditions happen to get bad, SwiftCopters SA conserve the possibility of cancelling the flight before takeoff or rerouting the helicopter during the flight.

  • Payment and flights cancellation

    A confirmed reservation insures the availability of the helicopter to customer. Usually, SwiftCopters customers are asked to pay flights when they order. A payment on invoice after a flight, or by credit card can be exceptionally granted. In case of cancellation of a flight for customer or personal reasons, a deposit will be kept according to followings:
    - 100% of the flight price if cancellation on the day of the flight
    - 50% of the flight price if cancellation the day before the day of the flight.
    - 25% of the flight price if cancellation more than one day before the day of the flight
    - 0% of the flight price due to bad weather conditions that would prevent the flight

  • Prohibited goods

    For your security, some items are strictly prohibited on board. They will be confiscated at baggage control.
    · Knives and any similar items.
    · Firearms.
    · Hunting weapon cartridges and other ammunition.
    · Ink cartridges weighing over 453 g / 1 lb on flights departing to or from the United States.
    · Perfume bottles over 100 ml /3.4 fl. oz.
    · Cosmetic aerosol containers over 100 ml /3.4 fl. oz.
    · Cigarette lighters fluid.
    · Electrolyte batteries.
    · Fireworks, firecrackers, signal flares, cap or toy guns, firelighters, tear gas.
    · Camp stoves, gas canisters, scuba oxygen tanks.
    · Paints, varnishes, lacquers.
    · Toxic, infectious, and radioactive materials.
    · Chemical products, fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides and insecticides.
    · Strippers, bleach, chlorine, cleaning products.
    · Inflammable liquids like fuel, thinners, solvents, and acetones.
    · Mercury thermometers and barometers.

  • Articles prohibited on board (cabin and checked baggage)

    · Fireworks.
    · Gas.
    · Corrosive and toxic liquids.
    · Poison.
    · Flammable articles.
    · Animal based products: the air transport (cabin, hold, or freight) of any kind of meat from wild animals is strictly prohibited in the European Union.



    HBG FRANCE, hereinafter referred to as 'HBG France', is a public limited company with a share capital of 7,191,734.96 euros registered in the Thonon-Les-Bains Trade and Companies Register under number 320 228 570, holder Air Carrier Certificate No. FR.AOC.0038, whose head office is located Annemasse Aerodrome rue Germain Sommeiller 74100 Annemasse (France).
    These general conditions of sale and transport govern exclusively the offer of transport services offered by HBG France on the website www.heligo.aero, in its fixed and mobile version, (hereinafter 'the website'), concerning the performance of transport services by Helicopters.

  • 1. Purpose of the contract - Definitions

    HBG France has set up a website for the sale of helicopter transport services, allowing its customer (hereinafter the 'PASSAGER') to book online a transport offer adapted to his needs and to buy at the agreed price in advance.
    For transport services marketed in France and in euros, the contract is concluded between HBG France and the PASSAGER; by purchasing a service via the website, the PASSAGER subscribes directly and exclusively to a contract with HBG France, unless expressly stated otherwise.
    For the purposes of these general conditions of sale and transport, the term 'ticket' means the Receipt / Route issued by or on behalf of HBG France, any electronic document relating thereto and, where applicable, a boarding document.
    The transport performed under this ticket is subject to the rules and limitations of liability applicable by virtue of the law and / or international conventions in force and the provisions of these general conditions of sale and transport.
    The term 'actual carrier' means all airlines that transport or undertake to carry the PASSAGER under the contract of carriage concluded with the PASSAGER in one of the above forms.
    'Convention' means, as the case may be:
    - the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, signed at Warsaw, October 12, 1929;
    - the Hague Protocol of 28 September 1955, amending the Warsaw Convention;
    - the Guadalajara Supplementary Convention of 18 September 1961;
    - Montreal Protocols Nos. 1, 2 and 4 (1975) amending the Warsaw Convention; - the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, signed in Montreal on May 28, 1999.

  • 2. Acceptance of general conditions of sale and transport HBG France

    The website is reserved for natural persons as well as legal entities with legal personality acting on behalf of their employees or representatives. HBG France does not accept bookings from minors.
    The general conditions of sale and transport are accessible at any time on the website and will prevail, if necessary, on any other version or any other contradictory document. Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded in HBG France's computer system constitutes proof of all transactions concluded with the PASSAGER.
    The PASSAGER acknowledges having communicated, prior to the placing of his order on the website, in a readable and understandable manner, the present general conditions of sale and transport and all the information relating to the essential characteristics of the services that make the object of his order.
    HBG France reserves the right to modify at any time the terms of these general conditions of sale and transport and will inform the PASSAGER. The provisions applicable to the purchase of the PASSAGER are those in effect on the website at the date of the order. The modifications of the general conditions of sale and transport are opposable to the PASSAGERS ordering on the Internet site as from their on line and can not apply to the transactions concluded previously.
    The PASSENGER will read and accept the terms without restriction or reservation, before placing an order, by ticking the box provided for this purpose on the website.
    The PASSAGER is informed that some flights are likely to be the subject of a charter, operation by which HBG France, having concluded a contract of carriage with the PASSAGER, delegates to another carrier said 'de facto' the load to perform all or part of air transport.
    If the air transport is carried out under a charter contract, the present general conditions of sale and transport apply in particular when these prove more favorable than those of the actual carrier.
    The PASSENGER is informed of the identity of the actual carrier (s).

  • 3. Access and operation of the site

    Access to HBG France's services is open 24/7 via the website - in its fixed and mobile version.
    HBG France can not be responsible for any interruptions in the remote control service that may prevent its proper functioning, in case of force majeure or by a third party, and particularly, in the event of faults and malfunctions affecting the communication networks used in the framework of the services offered by HBG France. In such a case, HBG France will make best efforts to restore the situation as far as possible and as soon as possible. Consequently, any reservation that has not been validated, which has been suddenly interrupted in any way whatsoever, will be canceled by HBG France and must be reiterated by the PASSENGER. Access to services is also dependent on the technical and computer features of the equipment used by the PASSENGER. PASSAGER undertakes not to use the website for illegal or prohibited purposes. He also agrees not to resell the services he has purchased on the website.
    Any use not in accordance with these general conditions of sale and transport may result, at any time and without notice, a refusal of access to the website. HBG France may also, in its sole discretion, limit access to the website and / or terminate the account of the PASSENGER who uses the site for fraudulent purposes.

  • 4. Orders - Reservations - Cancellation

    The PASSAGER proceeds to his order by the use of the website.
    During his first order, the PASSENGER provides the information necessary to create his personal account. In particular, he indicates his email address and chooses his password enabling him to access the services offered by HBG France, to proceed with his order and then his payment. The PASSAGER is responsible for the confidentiality of his password which he will not have to communicate under any circumstances to third parties.
    Any order made from his personal account is deemed to have been placed by the PASSENGER. The PASSAGER also enters the data of his credit card strictly necessary for online payment. The PASSAGER guarantees the truthfulness and the accuracy of the information which it inscribes in his account customer and declares to have the legal capacity to engage under the present general conditions of sale and transport. A confirmation of his order will be sent to him by email which will detail the services and any options ordered.
    The sale of the services of HBG France will be considered final only after the sending to the PASSAGER of the confirmation of the acceptance of the order by HBG France, by email and after receipt by it of the full price . It is specified that in the event that the said order confirmation email is not received by the PASSAGER, the latter is invited to inform HBG France as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the PASSENGER to check the accuracy of the order and report any errors immediately.
    Each adult, within the limits of the maximum capacity of the device, may be accompanied by a baby (age under 2 years) traveling on his lap.
    The ticket issued by HBG France in accordance with the validated order of the PASSAGER is nominative and non-transferable. This one is neither modifiable nor refundable, except express provisions contrary to the present general conditions of sale and transport.
    HBG France reserves the right to modify or cancel the service ordered by the PASSAGER for security reasons and / or in the absence of the necessary authorizations for overflights and landings and / or in case of adverse weather conditions. day chosen for the service and / or in the event of technical difficulties and / or prohibition of take-off from the authorities.
    These modifications or cancellations will not give rise to the payment of indemnities to the PASSAGER nor engage the responsibility of HBG France. Except for the postponement of the service or the offer of an alternative solution, HBG France will refund the full price paid by the PASSAGER for the service concerned. In the event of partial performance of the service by HBG France, the latter will reimburse the PASSENGER the price inclusive of the prorated portion of the service that has been performed.
    Any modification or cancellation, even partial, of a firm and definitive order by the PASSAGER may be notified to HBG France, in writing, no later than 72 (seventy-two) hours before the scheduled time for delivery. The cancellation will then be carried out without charge except the non reimbursement to the PASSAGER of the possible expenses of management and / or file.
    After this period, any cancellation, even partial, order will result in the payment of the following penalties by the PASSAGER HBG France:
    - cancellation between 72 hours and 24 hours before the scheduled time of the service: 30% of the amount of the order will be retained;
    - cancellation between 24 hours and 8 hours before the scheduled time of the service: 50% of the amount of the order will be retained;
    cancellation less than 8 hours before the scheduled time of the service: 100% of the amount of the order will be retained.
    No modification of the service can be requested by the PASSAGER once the execution of the service has begun.

  • 5. Prices

    Prices are published inclusive of all taxes, with the possible exception of certain airport taxes collected locally.
    Online payement
    To pay online, the PASSENGER must use his credit card. HBG France then proceeds in real time to debit the card.
    The payment is completely secure thanks to data encryption.
    In accordance with Article L.132.2 of the Monetary and Financial Code, the commitment to pay given by means of a payment card is irrevocable. By providing the information relating to his credit card, the PASSAGER authorizes HBG France to debit his credit card the amount corresponding to the price to be paid. For this purpose, the PASSAGER confirms that he is the holder of the bank card to be debited and that the name on the credit card is actually his. The PASSENGER communicates the sixteen digits and the expiry date of his credit card as well as, where applicable, the numbers of the visual cryptogram. In the event that the debit of the price is impossible for whatever reason, the reservation will not be valid and will be canceled immediately. The services ordered can not be provided as long as the price has not been previously paid in full to HBG France. HBG France implements all means to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data transmitted on the website.

  • 6. Luggages

    Given the nature of the helicopter transport services and for reasons of flight safety, the PASSENGER is reminded that the volume and number of baggage on board is limited by nature.
    Under these conditions the PASSAGER undertakes to provide to HBG France, prior to the performance of the service, the exact number and the precise size of the baggage that he wishes to take with him, for acceptance by HBG. La France.
    In any case, the PASSENGER is informed that the captain remains free to refuse the carriage of said baggage or any baggage not previously declared.
    In any case the PASSENGER is not allowed to carry with him:
    - objects that may constitute a hazard to the aircraft, persons or property on board, such as those specified in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Dangerous Goods Regulations and the Association Air Carrier International (IATA) and carrier regulations, as applicable (additional information is available upon request from HBG France); these include explosives, pressurized gases, oxidizing, radioactive or magnetized substances, flammable substances, toxic or corrosive substances, liquid substances of any kind (with the exception of liquids carried in hand luggage and destined for personal use of the PASSAGER during his trip);
    - objects whose transport is prohibited by the laws, regulations or instructions in force in the States of departure or destination;
    - objects that HBG France believes are not suitable for transport because of their weight, size, shape, smell or nature;
    - live animals;
    - weapons, knives, knives and aerosols that can be used as a weapon of attack or defense, firearms, ammunition and other weapons such as old weapons, swords, replicas and other weapons similar weapons.

  • 7. Passenger Handling Procedures / Conditions of Transfer / Respect of Schedules

    HBG France reserves the right to refuse the transport of any person who has obtained a ticket by violating the applicable laws, the tariffs and / or the present general conditions of sale and transport.
    The PASSENGER must respect the handling procedures indicated in the confirmation of his order, in the present general conditions of sale and transport and / or on his ticket.
    The PASSENGER must respect the times indicated in the confirmation of his order and / or on his ticket, or the time slots communicated by the operations department of HBG France.
    If the procedure (including in particular the schedules or time slots) is not respected by the PASSAGER, and has the effect of preventing the assumption of responsibility under the conditions provided for, HBG France can not be held responsible for the non -realization of transport.
    Failure to present the PASSAGER at the pick-up point, at the time indicated on the ticket or at the time communicated by HBG France's operations department, makes it impossible to refund the PASSENGER.
    The PASSAGER ticket is nominative. The PASSENGER must be in possession of a valid ID to be able to access the services.
    For security reasons, if the PASSENGER is not able to present a valid identity document, exactly matching the personal data on his ticket, access to services will be impossible and the ticket will not be valid. no refund.
    Similarly, if the public authorities decide to prohibit access to transport services to a PASSAGER, it will not be able to benefit from the transport services of HBG France and the ticket can not be subject to any refund.
    If for safety reasons, the behavior and / or attitude of a PASSENGER (particularly aggression, drunkenness, inappropriate attitude, etc.) could compromise the safety of the transport services of HBG France, HBG France would be entitled to refuse the embarkation and the routing of the PASSAGER. In this case the ticket can not be subject to any refund.
    The PASSENGER is required to comply with government travel requirements, to present the required exit, entry or other documents and to arrive at the airport or meeting point at the appointed time. by HBG France or, if no time has been set, early enough before departure to allow completion of departure formalities.
    On board the aircraft, the PASSENGER shall not behave in such a way as to hinder, inconvenience, threaten or endanger any person, property or the device itself. As such, the PASSENGER must not prevent the crew from performing its duties and must comply with the instructions, instructions and recommendations of the latter to ensure the safety and security of the aircraft, the smooth running of the flight and than the comfort of other passengers.
    For security reasons, HBG France may prohibit or limit the use on board of electronic devices, such as cellular telephones, laptop computers, portable recorders, portable radios, electronic games or telephones. transmitter transmitters, except for hearing aids and pacemakers.
    On board the aircraft, it is strictly forbidden to smoke. HBG France may restrict or prohibit the consumption of alcohol on board.
    Any minor child must be accompanied by a responsible PASSAGER who has all the necessary administrative documents for the minor child's journey (including a valid form of identification in the name of the minor child).
    Taking videos and / or non-personal photographs is prohibited on board the aircraft.
    If the PASSENGER does not comply with the terms of this article, HBG France may be required, in accordance with the laws and regulations, to take any appropriate and reasonably necessary measure. For this purpose, HBG France may in particular proceed to the disembarkation of the PASSAGER and / or use measures of constraint at any time of the flight.
    If the PASSENGER fails to comply with the provisions of this article or commits an offense or wrongdoing on board the aircraft, HBG France reserves the right to bring an action against this PASSENGER.
    The PASSENGER to whom the flight is refused or who is expelled during the trip for one of the reasons mentioned in these general conditions and transport, is not entitled to a refund.

  • 8. Liability for damages

  • 8.1. Liability of the air transporter

    The liability of HBG France as Air Transporter, will be determined by these general conditions of sale and transport, unless otherwise provided to the knowledge of the PASSAGER.
    If HBG France's liability as Air Carrier is engaged, it will be liable under the following conditions:
    - The transport by helicopter carried out under cover of the present general conditions of sale and transport is subject to the rules of responsibility decreed by the applicable texts at the international level as well as national relating to the responsibility of the Air carriers with regard to the transport of passengers and passengers. their luggage.
    - The Air Transporter is liable for the injury resulting from death or personal injury solely because the accident that caused the death or personal injury occurred on board the aircraft or during any other operation. embarkation or disembarkation within the meaning of Article 17 of the Convention.
    To the extent that the following does not defeat the other provisions of these conditions, and whether or not the Convention is applicable:
    - The Air Transporter's liability is limited to Damage occurring during Air Transport for which its Designation Code appears on the Ticket corresponding to the flight. When the Air Carrier issues a Ticket for a transport service provided by another Air Carrier or when it registers a Baggage on behalf of another Air Carrier, the Air Carrier acts only as an agent of that Carrier.
    - The Air Carrier's liability shall not exceed the amount of the Proven Direct Damages and the Air Carrier shall not, in any way, be liable for indirect Damages or any form of non-compensatory Damage.
    - The Air Transporter can not in any way be held liable for Damages resulting from the observation by the Air Carrier of any legal or regulatory provisions (laws, regulations, decisions, requirements and provisions) or non-compliance with these provisions by the Air Carrier. the passenger.
    - The Air Carrier's liability may not be sought in the event of Damage to Unchecked Baggage, unless such Damage results directly from the fault of the Air Carrier, one of its agents or agents, which must be proved by the Passenger who invokes it.
    - The Air Transporter is not responsible for any illness, injury or disability, including the death of a PASSENGER, due to the physical condition of the PASSENGER or any aggravation thereof.
    - The Transport Contract, including general conditions of sale and transport and all the exclusions or limitations of liability contained therein, apply to and benefit the Accredited Agents of the Carrier, its agents and agents who have acted in the exercise of their functions , its representatives and the owner of the aircraft used by the Air Carrier, and to the agents, employees and representatives of such owner. The total amount recoverable from the aforementioned persons may not exceed the amount of the liability of the Air Carrier.
    - If the negligence or other wrongful act or omission of the person claiming compensation or the person for whom he holds his rights caused or contributed to the Damage, the Air Carrier shall be released in whole or in part from its liability to the regard to this person, including in the event of death or personal injury according to the law in force.
    Except as expressly provided, none of the foregoing provisions imply a waiver of the exclusion or limitation of the liability of the Air Transporter, the owner whose aircraft is used by it, their agents, agents, agents or representatives , in accordance with the Convention and the applicable law.
    Provisions applicable to flights
    In accordance with Article 17 of the Convention, the Air Carrier is liable for Damage incurred in the event of the death or personal injury suffered by a PASSENGER, when the accident which caused the Damage occurred on board the aircraft. aircraft or during any embarkation and disembarkation operations, within the meaning of that Convention, and subject to cases of exemptions from liability.
    The Air Transporter will not be liable for the Damage if it reports in particular the proof that:
    - The death or bodily injury occurred as a result of the PASSENGER's state of health, physical or mental, prior to boarding the flight.
    - The damage was caused, in whole or in part, by the negligence, injurious act or omission of the person claiming compensation or the person whose rights he or she owes.
    - The damage is not due to the negligence, other harmful act or omission of the Air Carrier, its agents or agents, to the extent that the amount of the Damage exceeds 113 100 SDR per PASSAGER according to Article 21 § 2 (a) of the Convention.
    - The damage results solely from negligence, from another act or omission of a third party, to the extent that the amount of Damage exceeds 113 100 SDR per PASSAGER according to Article 21 § 2 (b) of the Convention.
    Amount of Repairable Damage:
    The amount of the Air Carrier's liability in the event of the death or personal injury of a PASSENGER is not subject to any limitation. The amount of the reparable damage will cover the compensation of the damage, as it will have been fixed by amicable agreement, by expert opinion or by the competent courts.
    In the context of these provisions, the Air Carrier will indemnify the PASSAGER only in excess of the amounts received by the latter, under the social plan to which he is affiliated and for compensatory damages only.
    The Air Carrier reserves the right of recourse and subrogation against any third party.
    In the event of death or personal injury resulting from an aviation accident, within the meaning of Article 17 of the Convention and pursuant to Article 5 of Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) No 889 of 13 May 2002 amending Council Regulation (EC) No 2027 of 19 October 1997, the person identified as being entitled may benefit from an advance enabling him to meet his immediate needs, in proportion to the material loss suffered. This advance will not be less than the equivalent in EURO of 16 000 SDR by PASSAGER in the event of death. Subject to the law in force, this advance will be paid within 15 days of the trustee's identification and will be deductible from the final amount of the reparations due to the deceased PASSAGER.
    In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the payment of these advances or advance payments does not constitute an acknowledgment of liability and these sums may be deducted from the amounts subsequently paid by the Community Air Carrier as compensation, depending on the liability of the transporter.
    This advance is not refundable unless it is proven that the negligence or other prejudicial act or omission of the person claiming compensation or the person for whom it is held liable caused the Damage or contributed to it. or where the person to whom the advance was paid was not entitled to compensation.
    Characteristics of the repairable damage:
    - Only the Direct Damage, proven and resulting directly from a delay is repairable, to the exclusion of any Indirect Damage and any form of Damage other than compensatory.
    - The PASSENGER shall establish the existence of the Damage resulting directly from the delay.
    Extent of the Air Carrier's responsibility:
    - The Air Carrier will not be liable for any damages resulting from the delay if it proves that it, its agents or agents have taken all reasonable measures to avoid the Damage or that it was impossible for it to take such damage. measures.
    - The Air Carrier is not liable for any Damage resulting from the delay, if the delay is attributable to the PASSENGER or if it contributed to it, ie if the Damage results in whole or in part from the negligence of act or omission of the person seeking compensation or the person for whom.
    Scope of the repair:
    The amount of the repair will be determined according to the damage proven by the PASSAGER.
    Where the Montreal Convention of May 28, 1999 is applicable, the Air Carrier's liability is limited, in the event of Damage resulting from a delay in the carriage of PASSENGERS and with the exception of acts or omissions of the Air Carrier. or his servants committed with intent to cause Damage or recklessly and with the knowledge that a Damage could result, to the sum of 4 694 SDR by PASSAGER.
    Any action for damages must be instituted, under pain of forfeiture, within a period of two (2) years from the date of arrival at destination, or from the day when the aircraft was due to arrive or from the stopping of the transport. The method of calculating the delay will be determined by French law.

  • 8.2. Liability outside air transport

    With the exception of the damages covered by the specific liability of Air Carrier referred to in article 8.1 of these general conditions of sale and transport, the responsibility of HBG France may be engaged under the conditions of ordinary law, for the repair of only direct material damage that may affect the PASSENGER and subject to the cases of limitation / exclusion of liability referred to in Article 9 of these general conditions of sale and transport.

  • 9. Limitation of liability

    HBG France will not be held responsible for changes to the route, schedule or type of helicopter and more generally for any non-performance or delays imposed by weather, technical or any other case of force majeure.
    HBG France will in no way be liable to repair the indirect and / or immaterial damages suffered by the PASSAGER.
    In addition, HBG France undertakes to implement all the means necessary to provide the services in the shortest time possible. Nevertheless, HBG France can not be held responsible in the case where the customer can not take his correspondence plane, if the connection time chosen by the customer is too short.
    The exclusions or limitations of liability of HBG France will apply and will benefit its agents, agents or representatives as well as to any person whose aircraft is used or chartered by HBG France to carry out the transport, as well as to the agents, servants or representatives of the said person.
    Times shown on schedules or elsewhere are not guaranteed by HBG France. HBG France may, without notice, substitute other carriers, use other aircraft and may change the times indicated or the time slots communicated to the PASSENGER.

  • 10. Notes on tickets sold for tourist flights

    Cancellation: HBG France reserves the right to cancel a tourist flight due to bad weather conditions, technical problems, for security reasons or simply insufficient registration for this flight. This cancellation can take place just before takeoff. In this case HBG France will not be liable for travel or accommodation expenses incurred by the PASSENGER to get to the place of departure and the tickets will remain valid for the period of validity indicated at the time of booking.

  • 11. Notes on tickets sold for empty flights 'Empty legs'

    Last minute flights (known as 'Empty leg'' on the heligo.aero website) are flights offered instead and at prices that take into account the opportunistic nature of these flights.
    The PASSAGER is informed that these flights are subject to high risk of cancellation, delay or modification in a very short notice, without explanations and / or justifications from HBG France. The cancellation, modification or delay in the execution of the flight for any reason whatsoever will therefore not give rise to any compensation of the PASSENGER by HBG France.
    The Contract is governed by and construed in accordance with French law. All difficulties concerning the construction or performance of the Contract shall be submitted, in the absence of an amicable agreement, to the Thonon les Bains Tribunal de commerce (Commercial Court) on which the Parties expressly confer jurisdiction, notwithstanding multiple respondents or third-party notices, including for urgent or preventive procedures.

  • 12. No right of withdrawal

    In application of the applicable legal provisions, the transport services offered by HBG France are not subject to the application of the right of withdrawal provided for in the provisions of the Consumer Code.

  • 13. Intellectual property

    The content of the website is the property of HBG France and is protected by French and international laws relating to intellectual property.
    Any total or partial reproduction of this content is strictly prohibited and may constitute an offense of counterfeiting. In addition all trademarks, figurative or not, and more generally all brands, illustrations, images, logos and other distinctive signs designating the services presented, whether deposited or not, are and will remain the exclusive property of HBG France , with the exception of distinctive elements (including logos) provided by third parties to HBG France.
    Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of these marks, illustrations, images and logos, for any reason and on any medium whatsoever, without the express prior consent of HBG France is strictly prohibited. The same is true of any combination or conjunction with any other brand, symbol, logotype and more generally any distinctive sign intended to form a composite logo. The same applies to any copyright, design, model and patent, which are the property of HBG France.

  • 14. Complaints

    The PASSENGER must send any complaints to the customer service by post or email to info@mbh.fr, recalling the reference and date of his order. Any complaint must reach HBG France within a maximum of three (3) months from the date of completion of the transport, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

  • 15. Cookies

    The PASSENGER acknowledges being notified of the use of a 'temporary cookie', allowing after login, to identify the visitor during the duration of the session. This cookie, resident in memory, remains active as long as the visitor has not left the session, either by clicking on the button provided for this purpose on the home page of the online order, or by completely closing his browser ( the cookie is normally automatically deleted). Although this is not recommended, the PASSENGER may oppose the use of this cookie without limiting its access to the site, by configuring its browser appropriately.

  • 16. Computing and Freedom

    In application of the law n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, it is reminded that the nominative data which are requested to the PASSAGER are in particular necessary to the treatment of its order, the establishment of the invoices or used for purposes of prospection, loyalty, animation and commercial information and statistical studies. This data can be communicated to potential partners of HBG France responsible for the execution, processing, management and payment of orders. In addition, this data may also be used to facilitate the completion of administrative formalities relating to immigration and entry into the country, the prevention of non-payment and the fight against fraud, as well as ensure the safety and security of flights.
    The PASSAGER has, in accordance with the national and European regulations in force, a right of permanent access, modification, rectification and opposition regarding the information concerning him. This right can be exercised by writing to HBG France, by mail to the address indicated herein and justifying its identity.

  • 17. Applicable Law - Dispute Resolution

    These general conditions of sale and transport and the resulting operations are subject to French law. They are written in French. In the event that they are translated into one or more foreign languages, only the French text will prevail in case of dispute.
    In the absence of amicable agreement, any dispute relating in particular to the validity, the interpretation, the execution of the present conditions and those of the resulting benefits falls to the French courts. If the PASSAGER is a trader, the Commercial Court of Thonon-Les-Bains will be exclusively competent.
    If the PASSENGER is a consumer, he may, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, initiate proceedings before the court of his choice or resort to a conventional mediation, in particular with the Consumer Mediation Committee (Article L.534 -7 of the Consumer Code) or any other alternative method of dispute resolution (conciliation, for example) in case of dispute.

  • 14. Complaints

    The PASSENGER must send any complaints to the customer service by post or email to info@mbh.fr, recalling the reference and date of his order. Any complaint must reach HBG France within a maximum of three (3) months from the date of completion of the transport, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.



    For flights sold in Polynesia, please consult the following link: https://www.tahitinuihelicopters.com/en/general-conditions-sales