60 minutes helicopter flying lesson with AS350 from Geneva

Make your childhood dreams come true by flying a helicopter! Our school based at Geneva airport gives you the opportunity to live an extraordinary experience while testing your ability to fly. Looking for an original gift? Offer your loved ones a voucher for a private flying lesson.


  • Depuis l'aéroport de Genève / From Geneva airport
  • Votre programme
  • • Vol de croisière
  • • Vol stationnaire
  • • Expérimentation des commandes de vol (palonniers, cyclique, collectif)
  • • Atterrissage en campagne
  • Infos utiles
  • L'élève pilote et le pilote instructeur sont en communication constante grâce à un casque-micro.
  • Pour les personnes de plus de 80 ans et les femmes enceintes, un certificat médical d'aptitude est obligatoire.
  • Limite de tailles : 1m55 à 1m90
  • Poids maximum : 100 kg.
  • Your program:
  • -Cruising flight
  • -Hovering flight
  • -Experimenting commands (pedals, cyclic, collective)
  • -Landing in private fields in campaign
  • Usefull information:
  • Both of the student and the instructor pilot will have headphones to communicate.
  • Persons over 80 years old and pregnant women must have a medical certificate and give it to the pilot.
  • Maximum weight: 100 kg
  • Maximum size: 1m90
  • Minimum size: 1m55

The tour

Once at Geneva airport, you will meet the instructor pilot for a flight briefing who will present and explain how a helicopter works. The pilot will then takes off and give you the command as soon as you have left Megève altiport. On the program : Take off, stationary flight, landing… If this first experience is positive, you could ask our pilots and learn more about the private pilot licence (PPLH) and commercial pilot licence (CPLH).